Shockwave Therapy for ED

Shockwave Therapy for ED services offered in Miami, FL

Looking for a regenerative, evidence-based solution for erectile dysfunction?  Targeted shockwave therapy is the answer. 

Looking to avoid pills and injections for erectile dysfunction? Shock wave therapy offers an evidence-based regenerative solution.

Application of low-intensity shock waves along the erectile tissues of the penis offers a long-lasting solution for erectile dysfunction.  While many "Men's Clinics" advertise shock wave therapy for erectile dyfuction, the vast majority of these clinics utilize low quality "radial" shock wave machines that are painful and have little effect on erections.  Modern Urology is one of only a handful of centers that offer the most advanced "targeted" low-intensity shock wave therapy.  This technolgy allows for deep, targeted penetration of the shock waves to the tissues, vessels and nerves that contribute to erectile function.  

Studies have shown that high quality "targeted" shock wave therapy objectively improves arterial inflow and revives erectile tissues resulting in a harder, longer lasting erection.  Not only does "targeted" shock wave therapy work, it lasts long term with studies showing effects lasting up to 12 months after a treatment cycle.

How does it work?

  • Shockwave therapy is believed to improve erectile function through multiple mechanisms including neovascularization, regeneration of erectile tissues and nerve regeneration.  Unlike medications, which offer a short boost in erectile function without addressing the underlying cause of ED, shockwave therapy offers a truly regenerative experience involving the upregulation of growth factors and the promotion of progenitor cell activation.

What does a treatment cycle involve? 

  • A typical treatment cycle consists of 6-12 sessions, each lasting around 15 minutes. 

Does it hurt? 

  • Unlike most of the low quality "radial" devices in Miami that cause significant discomfort on the penile skin, our cutting edge "targeted" shock wave device penetrates deep into the penile tissues without causing any pain at the surface level.